Mothership Service Rooms – Unreal Engine Assets


In this package you will find everything you need to build modular sci-fi horror themed levels. Despite it’s focused on “Service Rooms” this pack will suit any dirty and dusty sci-fi design.

Tired of shiny and clean sci-fi interiors? With this package you will move back to times when sci-fi meant dark, moody and full of dirt interiors barely lighted by emergency lighting. From thin vents, trough corridors even to huge hangar segments – everything inspired by retro cinema!

Technical Details

Number of meshes: 69
Number of materials: 20
Range of Tris(Min-Max): 2 – 5000
Average Tris: 1000
Texture Sizes(Min-Max): 512 – 2048
Texture Types: Each texture set contains Albedo, Normal, Roughness(R) and Metallic(G) maps
Intended Platform: Desktop, Console


Download Unreal Engine Marketplace – Mother Ship Rooms.rar


Download Unreal Engine Marketplace – Mothership Service Rooms (4.13).rar



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