Download Terrarium TV Premium 1.6.0


Terrarium TV: * High image quality (1080p) and 720p (HD sources) * Free and available on Google Play official streaming. * Ability to download movies and serials. * Ability to watch movies and serials online *. * The possibility of translation in case of interruptions. * The possibility of translation into multilingual languages. * Contains a wide range of serials and programs (including documentaries) * CHROMECAST supports the explanation of the application Terrarium TV: The application is simple and smooth in use does not require a complex explanation, To know the movie is: 1. To watch the movie with the translation: Choose play2 To download the movie with subtitles: Select Download With Suptitles3. As a basic language in the translation: Go to Settings Settings and then choose subtitle languages ​​then Arabic Information about the application Terrarium TV: * Works on Android 4.0 and above. * MX Player requires to watch movies and serials.

Download Terrarium TV Premium 1.6.0

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