Download Package Disabler Pro v15.0 (For Samsung)


This application works only on Samsung devices. Single app solution, no plugin needed
Package disabler pro + does not require plugin app
Package Disabler lets you disable any unwanted packages that come pre-installed / installed with your phone. Simply one click on the package that you want to disable, will disable the package. Disabled application / package will not be uninstalled or updated using google play or any other means. So this app can be used for blocking apps (e.g. Parental Controls) or business use cases, you could even disable google play store etc … without rooting the phone. This app also provides password / uninstall protection to avoid misuse.
Package Disabler provides an export / import functionality to backup all disabled packages on your external storage which you can restore at any time.
Remember, though: ALWAYS have a backup of your phone. Important features may break when disabling system apps.
Using the exported package list you can quickly get rid of all bloatware after installing a new ROM or Factory reset. When wiping your phone’s data, you can export your package list to import it on your new ROM.

Download Package Disabler Pro v15.0 (For Samsung)

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